I was engaged as production manager on the the John Abercrombie/ Julian Arguelles tour (thick skinned productions). I enjoyed the tour very much and was extremely pleased to see John performing for & entertaining audiences in the UK again.

Stuart Wilson


I went to four shows by Breabach and Le Vent du Nord on their recent Tune Up tour. Leaflets about the tour were given out at Celtic Connections, at the end of their first concert (great idea!) and the other shows I saw were well-attended. The shows themselves were great and the final show, in Peebles at the Eastgate Theatre, was absolutely superb. Thank you so much for supporing traditional music and, in particular, this collaboration between Scotland and Quebec. We hadn't seen Breabach before, but love Le Vent du Nord's music: to see the latter perform more than just at Celtic Connections was great and we have gained the music of Breabach as a result! So, thank you and we hope you will continue to support such great bands and bring them to a wider audience than may otherwise be the case.

Marza-Jedda Burnside

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